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How to export a Vine to mp4 video or movie file

Here is my workaround to save and export your Vine video from your mobilephone as a mp4 movie or video file. You don't need a convertor or an transcoding or encoding software program. This 4 step tutorial to download your Vine clip is free to use.

4 Steps to export and save your Vine movie:

  1. Share your Vine on Twitter.
  2. Use the url / link of your Vine on Twitter to open the video in your browser.
  3. Right click on your Vine movie and hit the button "Save as video..." or in dutch "Opslaan als video...". This only works in the browsers Google Chrome and MS Internet Explorer 10. (Mozilla Firefox is not working)
  4. Now you can save your Vine file on your computer and play it with any video player.

This workaround or tweek or vine hack can you use to upload your Vine to Youtube or to upload your Vine to Vimeo

You can also export or upload your Vine to Thumbler or any other social media website as uploading your Vine to Facebook.

You save the video file to an mp4 file. It is possible to use any video player you like to watch your fine and you can use convertor software to make an mov or avi file if you like.

About Vine:

"Vine is a mobile app from Twitter that enables its users to create and post video movie clips and files. Video clips made with Vine have a length of 6 seconds and can be shared or embedded on social networking Twitter and Facebook. Vine is available for Apple Iphone and Android such as Windows Mobile Phone


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Do you want to export and save your Vine clip movie? Export it using this tutorial in 4 steps.